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The 2023 Officers, Board of Directors and Staff of

Raleigh Village East:

Chair: Melissa Birdsong
Vice-Chair: Kellan Moore

Treasurer: Jim Johnson
Secretary: Ellen Fort

Board Members:

Peter Rumsey

Arlene Saunders

Yvonne Holley

Sara Stohler

Johnny Blalock

Cary Sipes Owens

Mary Lovelock

Kellan Moore



Deborah Owens, CEO

Sharon Zeilstra, Project Manager

Welcome to Raleigh Village East!

For a few years, a small group of neighbors investigated establishing an “Aging In Place” virtual village in Pilot Mill, Capitol Park, Mordecai, East Mordecai, Oakdale, Oakwood, Oakdale, and Capitol Heights. We have now created a non-profit Board of Directors, incorporated as Raleigh Village East, raised some modest funds, and formed committees to work on fundraising, grant writing, publicity, social events, and more. We have also formed task groups of neighbors to research what services exist in our community and to determine what more is needed for us to age comfortably in our homes. We are a work in progress and we hope you will join us in this effort.​

Aging in Place means making a conscious decision to stay in one’s home for as long as possible with the comfort, security, and social life one needs. As one ages, these may include adding supplementary services to maintain quality of life.


The concept of Aging in Place as a neighborhood effort was initiated and first executed on Beacon Hill in Boston in 2001. Today, the Aging in Place movement is nation-wide, with multiple villages in all 50 states. The villages tend to be compact geographically to make services readily available. It is for this reason that we have limited our initial boundaries to a single voting precinct and an overlapping CAC. In time, we hope to expand, depending upon interest and need. 


We have established a non-profit corporation called Raleigh Village East (RVE). Our virtual village will provide services for those who want to be able to stay in our neighborhoods as we age by having the help of volunteers, access to useful resources, and reduced prices for some services. We want to give members who are 55 and older who live in our adjoining neighborhoods both the practical means and the confidence to live their lives to the fullest in their homes/community. We also want to create a social network that will help us stay engaged, pursue our interests with others, and have fun. 


Please click on the Contact button on the website and sign-up to get information via email. The only thing you will be joining is our email list, and we will not give your contact information to any other groups or businesses.